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5 Ways Surgeons Can Better Maximize Revenue Streams

To say that the operating margins of hospitals and health care systems are different today than they were a decade ago may be an understatement. The fact is, medicare reimbursement reductions, cuts to the state Medicaid programs, and the rising tides of uncompensated care have collectively created an atmosphere in which some hospitals, surgery centers, and specialized surgeons are content with break-even balance sheets. This prevailing operating environment is less likely to change any time soon.

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As a result, optimization of surgery billing process and other internal financial operations are vital for these health and medical providers...

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Keyword Selection Tips for Your Surgeon SEO Strategy

The process of keyword research and selection is the vital first phase of any successful SEO strategy. For surgeons, targeting keywords like “plastic surgeon [city]” or simply “surgeon in [city]” oftn sound the most appealing because these short-tail keywords get searched the most.

However, it’s important to put all ego aside and look at the true nature of the search engine landscape. Sometimes those enticing short-tails are not in a surgeon’s best SEO interests. Perhaps the search landscape is overly-competitive or perhaps the surgeon’s website is brand new (which is like starting an SEO plan from scratch.)

In short, there are a lot of variables that go into ranking a website...

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