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Breast Augmentation Blog Helps Bay Area Plastic Surgeons Gain Exposure

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure growing in popularity. In short, breast augmentation is often sought by women for increasing or restoring the volume of breasts. This is mainly performed for enlarging naturally small breasts or lifting sagging breast after pregnancy or weight loss. Most cases of breast augmentation surgery are done with breast implants, breast lift or fat transfer augmentation.bay area breast augmentation plastic surgeon blog

Breast augmentation is a serious surgery and it should not be taken lightly. Getting breast implants is an expensive decision too. It involves a number of factors, which you should research and discuss with board-certified plastic surgeons.

Lots of non-surgical breast augmentation options such as hormone pills, creams, supplements, enhancing garments like inserts or bras, augmentation vi...

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Keyword Selection Tips for Your Surgeon SEO Strategy

The process of keyword research and selection is the vital first phase of any successful SEO strategy. For surgeons, targeting keywords like “plastic surgeon [city]” or simply “surgeon in [city]” oftn sound the most appealing because these short-tail keywords get searched the most.

However, it’s important to put all ego aside and look at the true nature of the search engine landscape. Sometimes those enticing short-tails are not in a surgeon’s best SEO interests. Perhaps the search landscape is overly-competitive or perhaps the surgeon’s website is brand new (which is like starting an SEO plan from scratch.)

In short, there are a lot of variables that go into ranking a website...

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