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5 Google Local SEO Tips for Surgeons

google local seo surgeonsWhen it comes to Google local SEO for surgeons, appearing in the top 3 listings associated with Google maps is a marketing game-changer. The current challenge with Google local SEO is the shift to showing the local 3-pack listings (instead of 7-pack listings from before.)

This makes ranking in the 3-pack listings a coveted honor that can significantly impact your plastic surgery practice. To shed light on what it takes to rank in the 3-pack, here are five effective Google local SEO tips for surgeons.

1. Harness the Power of Local Directory Listings

Local directory listings are among the most important local SEO and internet marketing tools for businesses and professionals...

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Breast Augmentation Blog Helps Bay Area Plastic Surgeons Gain Exposure

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure growing in popularity. In short, breast augmentation is often sought by women for increasing or restoring the volume of breasts. This is mainly performed for enlarging naturally small breasts or lifting sagging breast after pregnancy or weight loss. Most cases of breast augmentation surgery are done with breast implants, breast lift or fat transfer augmentation.bay area breast augmentation plastic surgeon blog

Breast augmentation is a serious surgery and it should not be taken lightly. Getting breast implants is an expensive decision too. It involves a number of factors, which you should research and discuss with board-certified plastic surgeons.

Lots of non-surgical breast augmentation options such as hormone pills, creams, supplements, enhancing garments like inserts or bras, augmentation vi...

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