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SEO Site Audits for Surgeons: 3 Vital Elements for Optimal SEO Health

SEO site audits for surgeonsHere at Optimized Surgeons, we regularly provide SEO site audits for prospective surgeons interested in pursuing an SEO program. We have created a systematic process in conducting SEO site audits for surgeons and related medical professionals.

Below are three of the vital elements that define optimal SEO health (or lack there of.) Each of which is integral to the SEO audit process.

Technical SEO Health

Technical SEO centers on the nuts and bolts of a website and how efficiently search engine spiders can crawl and index the site. Aspects like proper linking, sitemap usage, HTML, and other technical components are what shape the SEO health of a site’s backend.

Some of the primary tools that we use when assessing the various technical SEO components of surgeon site audit include:

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Off-site SEO for Surgeons: Top 5 Websites to Get Listed

If you know anything about SEO best practice, then you’ll know that much of what drives a webpage to the top of Google’s search results occurs off-site. Optimized Surgeons for SEO

In short, getting listed on other quality, relevant, and authoritative websites can offer two things: a link and/or citation. While links are ultimately the driving force behind organic SEO, citations are important for Google local SEO (or the local search listings associated with the Google map.)

While there are many common directories that are awesome for SEO (e.g. Yahoo! Local, LinkedIn, Yellowpages, etc.), there are others that are more powerful for surgeon SEO.

Below are five big players that, if you can get listed on these sites, then you can greatly empower your surgeon SEO campaign.

As one of the most authoritative we...

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